Our Story

Every great cookie has a great story.
This is ours.

The Big Fred Cookie from Bearkery®
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A Simple Idea

Yeni and I started Bearkery® with a simple idea — bake what we love. Yeni's an amazing cake artist and with Dream Day Cakes®, she's in her element.

I'm more of a bread and cookie guy.

My love for baking cookies comes directly from my Grandmother.

My earliest memories have me helping out in her kitchen; dropping cookies onto the sheet and watching them bake through the oven window.

My grandmother was very generous to me; but she was also very strict.

No matter how often I asked, no matter how many times I tried... there would be no baking of large cookies.

It will never bake correctly,” she'd say as she handed me the bowl to “clean.”

Back at my parent's house, they'd let me experiment. Grandma was right. Either the ends would burn or the inside would be uncooked.

There seemed to be no way to properly cook a really big cookie.

When Yeni and I opened the bakery, young Fred's passion for the big cookie was reignited. Yeni, possessed by Grandma, echoed her words.

It won't cook right,” she yelled as I ignored her and kept experimenting.

(Tip to husbands: Don't ignore your wife. Even if you're right, like I was, you'll still be wrong.)

After a lot of trial, error, and formulas— I finally achieved my dream.

The Big Fred Cookie weighs in at more than 2 pounds. This isn't a flat cookie cake. No, no, no.

This my friend is a true big cookie. The cookie my younger self dreamed of making and the cookie I'm excited to share with you.

Like I said before... at Bearkery®, we bake what we love.

I love this cookie and am proud to have it bare my name. Now, if you excuse me, I'm still in trouble from ignoring my better half.

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Bearkery® Bakery

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